Wesley Galaha

A Ranch owner living and fighting for his land


A grizzled man with a La Souvarov mustage. He looks hardened, has warm eyes and a deep bas voice.


Wesley Galaha is a born and bred Texan rancher, his family have owned
a large ranch for some generations. When the civil war broke out,
Wesley was called to server as an officer.
During the war he showed good leadership skills and was a good
tactician, he became known to care more for his men’s wellbeing (black
or white), then winning a given battle.

In Persepolis he has made a new ranch, and is once again becoming rich
on cattle. His wife is not altogether happy though: first he released
what slaves he had left, gave them homes and the “HIRED” them. Also,
he tends to treat them as he treats all others, as long that they
address him correctly, and he behaves way too commonly then he should.
Still she loves him and supports him.

An interesting detail to Wesley and his wife marriage:
She is a hardcore Texan, believing that Niggers are lesser begins, and
all belong as slaves, he does not.
She still behaves as the wealthy and high woman that she was back in
Texas. He is now acting as a normal and happy man.
She does not associate with Niggers, He does.
They disagree on most things, but love each other to highly that they
often end up making a compromise.

Wesley Galaha

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